Below are the most commonly asked questions by our customers

Simple, just send a copy of your original receipt within 30 days of purchase to myguarantee@bluci.com and you will receive a unique Bluci guarantee certificate.

No.  Bluci sinks are incredibly strong and durable.  The material is the same on the top as it is on the bottom and therefore the colour is the same all the way through.  All Bluci Granite sinks are covered by a Lifetime Warranty

The Bluci sinks are manufactured from high quality chrome nickel steel, which is incapable of rusting.  The rust spots sometimes seen after installation are tiny ferrous particles in the water supply that cling to the surface of the sink and then dry out and rust when the sink has been emptied.  Cleaning the sink with an appropriate cleaner and then drying down after use will clear the particles away.

The Bluci glass sinks have been tested between -20 & 280 degrees, making them incredibly versatile and practical in any working kitchen.

At the moment we do not have a record of who displays Bluci sinks and taps in the UK.  However, lauching in Dec ’16 and by Dec ’17 there will be an online store locator?

In the meantime, online retailers will generally hold stock of Bluci products and may enable you to view before you buy.

The best way is to regularly clean the sink with nothing more than a hot soapy cloth.  For more stubborn stains or marks we suggest using ‘Barkeepers Friend’ powder.

Bluci filter taps use a simple ‘Twistlock’ system which means you don’t need a plumber and you don’t even need to isolate the water supply.  A simple twist will either disconnect or reconnect the filter.  The Bluci Filtro filters will deliver approx. 1500 Gallons or 6 months of filtered water.

Yes, all Bluci sinks are provided with the plugs, overflow plates and fixing clips as needed, depending on the exact model purchased.

On stainless steel sinks a reversible model will have two pre-cut tap holes meaning you can flip the sink around to have the draining section on either the right or the left.  On this type of stainless steel Bluci sink you will be supplied with a matching tap hole stopper for the hole not being used.

On Bluci Granite or ceramic sinks that are reversible, the factory will have pre-cut a hole on both sides (underneath) which are not visible from the top.  You decide on which side you want the drainer and your supplier or installer either drills or knocks out the hole required for the tap.